Will D.C. bishop take a stand?

Will D.C. bishop take a stand?

Will D.C. bishop take a stand?

As bishops line up together against the speaker of the U.S. House for choosing her politics over her church, a pro-life activist says devout Catholics are especially waiting for one to join the list.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi's home turf is San Francisco, where Cardinal Salvatore Cordileone has banned her from receiving Holy Communion because of her outspoken support and promotion of abortion. Three others have done the same.

Eric Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League tells American Family News several other bishops throughout the country have also instructed priests to not allow her to have communion.

Scheidler, Eric (Pro-Life Action League) Scheidler

"We still, however, have not heard from Bishop Wilton Gregory," the pro-lifer notes. "Cardinal Gregory is the archbishop of Washington, D.C., where Nancy Pelosi lives most of the time as she's working as the speaker of the House. It's a great development in her home diocese, and we hope that she will take very seriously that her spiritual father is reaching out to her in this way."

Sheidler also recognizes that Pelosi is not the only Catholic politician in D.C. President Biden and other members of Congress who are of the faith avidly promote abortion.

"We'd like to see Cardinal Gregory do the same for all of the Catholics who are in Congress and in his diocese for when they're there, because there's so many who claim to be Catholics who are nevertheless rabidly supporting pro-abortion policies," he laments.

Even with the recent success with bishops taking a stand for life, Scheidler says there is still much to do to address the scandal of elected representatives supporting abortion and then going to mass and taking communion.