Power of broadcasting God's Word clearly being seen

Power of broadcasting God's Word clearly being seen

Front cover of a Ukranian Holy Bible

Power of broadcasting God's Word clearly being seen

A radio ministry that spreads the gospel in Ukraine is finding very fertile soil in that war-torn country.

The Far East Broadcasting Company first erected radio towers in Ukraine in 1992 after the fall of the Soviet Union. But FEBC's Director for Eurasia, Victor Akhterov, says they've never seen a response to the gospel like they have in the last several weeks.

"Today people are just seeking spiritual support, spiritual information," he shares with AFN. "And sometimes we just open the Bible and start reading Psalms and we receive dozens and dozens of messages as people respond to us and are telling us that they want to accept Jesus, without fully understanding what this means."

Akhterov, Victor (FEBC) Akhterov

In fact, says Akhterov, the stories are sometimes miraculous.

"We often get messages like I feel something, something great, something powerful, something real is coming into my phone or into my radio as you read the Scriptures. I want to be part of that.'

When that happens, "we lead them to salvation, and we commend them to local churches."

FEBC Ukraine is tailoring some of its content to soldiers who are defending their country.

"One of the commanders came up to us and said, 'You know, you distributed radios to my people, and we see how greatly your programs affect them. Can I have some more?'

"So, we gave him the 1,500 radios that we had left [and] he distributed them to his soldiers."

And since they also broadcast a bit in Russian, they are also witnessing to those attacking Ukraine.

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