Making Jesus relevant to a 'never-put-the-phone-down' audience

Making Jesus relevant to a 'never-put-the-phone-down' audience

Making Jesus relevant to a 'never-put-the-phone-down' audience

An evangelistic ministry that targets the younger generations with the gospel has seen an incredible move of God this year. They reached 150,000 decisions for Christ just last week.

Groundwire reaches Millennials and Gen Z where they live: online. They're browsing on their favorite app – mostly TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube – when they come across a link that takes them to a video where they may hear this:

"Why do I fail at everything? I'm worth nothing. I'm done. No one can help me. When life hurts, Jesus cares. Log on to JesusCares.com to chat with someone who understands."

When they log on, they see a chat button. Groundwire founder and president Sean Dunn says he has an army of trained volunteers waiting to talk to them about Jesus Christ.

Feeding the hungry

Two-thirds of young adults won't darken the door of a church, according to the ministry – yet the same percentage (or more) not only believe in heaven but also are "absolutely" or "fairly" certain that God exists. In other words, they're hungry for the truth … and Groundwire is delivering some nourishment.

"George Barna says the average church in the U.S. sees one person a year come to Christ. Yesterday we had 826," Dunn shares with AFN. "The denominations will tell you it costs them over $35,000 to see one person come to Christ. Last year it cost us $20.37."

Dunn, Sean (Groundwire) Dunn

Needing to grow

However, as Matthew wrote in his Gospel, the harvest is great – but the workers are few. "We're getting to a point where we're having to throttle back on how many people we can reach because our team needs to grow faster," Dunn explains.

The ministry founder says he's is looking for people who have a heart for the next generation – and some time to chat with them.

"We're looking for believers who love Jesus and who love people," he continues. "We will give you all the tools that you need to feel like you can handle the conversations that come your way."

Groundwire recognizes that young people are "drowning (and dying)" in a culture that "strips them of joy, peace, and direction." But the ministry is also discovering that if they are approached in the right way, with the right message, Millennials and Gen Z will hear about a Jesus who can answer all of life's questions.