Mel Gibson backs 'canceled' priests

Mel Gibson backs 'canceled' priests

Mel Gibson backs 'canceled' priests

A famed actor and director has a few choice words for the Catholic Church leaders who have helped "eclipse" the true Church with a counterfeit one.

LifeSiteNews has posted the recent video address Mel Gibson gave to the Rally and Rosary of Reparation, hosted by the Coalition for Canceled Priests. In his speech, Gibson says the Catholic Church is in disarray, and he laments that the canceled priests are being persecuted by their own bishops.

"Who are they? Well, they're a pack of men who generally passively sit by and tolerate any kind of nonsense," Gibson states. "But if one of their priests utters something that resembles orthodoxy, well, then they spring into action. They reprimand him, and they bully him and do their best to cancel him, and [they] succeed and drive him out of the service."

The gospel of Matthew details how to tell a good "tree" from a bad one: Their fruits.

"I'm a pretty sinful guy," Gibson admits in the video. "I'm as venial as the next guy, but I know the difference between a shepherd and a hireling, and I think that the vast majority of these bishops are just a bunch of hirelings. And my question is … who's hiring them?"

Gibson, a Catholic himself who directed 2004 film, The Passion of the Christ, and is currently working on its sequel, The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection, adds that the priests were not kicked out for stealing from church coffers or for absconding with sacramental wine; they were dismissed for insisting on practicing the Catholic faith and its orthodox beliefs.

The rally was organized in response to pro-LGBT Cardinal Blase Cupich allowing pro-abortion Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot, a non-Catholic lesbian in a same-sex "marriage," to receive Holy Communion at a funeral Mass last month.