Jews need Jesus, too

Jews need Jesus, too

Jews need Jesus, too

A messianic Jewish ministry based in Jerusalem is helping Christians in the U.S. and other countries understand how to share the gospel of Jesus with Jewish people.

Kobi and Shani Ferguson are directors of Maoz Isreal and the founders of Yeshua Israel, an organization that works to make Yeshua the Messiah known in Israel. CEO and President Kobi Ferguson says many Israeli Jews are wary of Christian evangelism.

"The Jewish people, especially Orthodox and really Zealots, would see Christianity and people that are attempting to share about the faith in Yeshua Jesus as a threat to their existential existence as a Jewish people," he explains. "They date that back to the Holocaust; they see all these wrongs that were done in Jesus' name to the Jewish people as being connected to Jesus, so they consider Him to be the false messiah."

Shani Ferguson, chief creative officer of the ministry, says the idea that the Church had a hand in making that happen is a misconception.

"I would think for Christians the most significant thing they can do is explain to them that this is a Jewish thing. It's not, 'Oh, you need to convert to Christianity, because this is a thing that is right for you,' but is really saying ... ‘'hese are your scriptures. The Old Testament was written 95% by two Jews. It was first to you, and we're just participating.'"

The Fergusons say evangelism -- sharing the full message of spiritual, emotional, and physical salvation through Jesus the Messiah -- is the main focus of their ministry. They are dedicated to reaching the lost in Israel.

Maoz means "strength" in Hebrew.