Biden a 'devout' Catholic? Record says it ain't so, Joe

Biden a 'devout' Catholic? Record says it ain't so, Joe

Biden a 'devout' Catholic? Record says it ain't so, Joe

A Catholic public policy group has compiled a list of 32 presidential actions in which President Joe Biden has contradicted Catholic teachings – making the president an "enemy" of those teachings.

The list from the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights includes executive orders, policy statements, administration rules, and Cabinet appointments that go against Catholic teaching; his budget, which doesn't have Hyde Amendment pro-life protections; an Executive Order allowing boys into girls' school bathrooms and locker rooms; and the appointment of Rachel Levine, a man who publicly presents as a woman, to a top position in the Department of Health and Human Services.

According to Mike McDonald of the Catholic League, the new president wasted no time in violating his professed faith.

"Within the first ten days of his administration – not even the first 100 days, but the first ten days – he issued nine Executive Orders or policy memorandums that radically departed from serious teachings of the Catholic Church," the League's director of communications begins.

According to McDonald, bishops in the church are considering clarifying church teaching.

"One of the things that the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops … has been contemplating is to focus on what it means to receive communion, to receive the Body of Christ and make sure that you're living up to the teachings," he tells One News Now.

McDonald calls Biden an "enemy of the church's teachings" because he isn't putting his faith into public policy.

"If you don't have personal convictions … and you can 'wall off' things, then you might as well just be a dirty carpetbagger coming in and taking votes and meeting with lobbyists on K Street," he suggests. "And it's a shame that we have so many people in this country – particularly in the media – going around and calling him a 'devout Catholic.'"

Last month, Biden was indirectly admonished – along with other Catholic politicians, such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi – by a couple of Catholic bishops who have taken the position that those who support abortion rights should be denied holy communion. One of those bishops is San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone – in Pelosi's California district.