Kids being told to transition or die

Kids being told to transition or die

Kids being told to transition or die

Not all doctors are on board with the ongoing push for states and hospitals to allow for and provide the gender manipulation of minors, but the fact that many are is concerning to those who provide medical care for children.

Van Meter, Dr. Quinten (American College of Pediatricians) Van Meter

Quentin Van Meter, MD, former president of the American College of Pediatricians, recently told the "Washington Watch" program the patients who have come to him wishing to change genders really believe they can change their bodies into the opposite sex, complete with functioning reproductive organs.

He said there is no way an adolescent can wrap their head around infertility.

"They do not realize that no surgical procedure has been developed to create functioning sexual organs of the opposite sex that work," Dr. Van Meter relayed.

Even so, a new video from Project Veritas reportedly shows doctors discussing their younger patients.

"We have patients who are starting as young as eight, nine [years old]," a social worker in Austin, Texas says in the video.

Defenders of gender manipulation claim that no one is being rushed into anything, but some medical professionals are open to the idea.

"I had a very brief, like 15-30-minute appointment with her wherein she told me that I was a boy," one patient recalls of her encounter with a doctor. "I took that letter of recommendation to a pediatric endocrinologist, and that very same day, I started testosterone. Not even a whole year later, at 18, I had a radical double mastectomy."

Bauwens, Dr. Jennifer (FRC) Bauwens

Jennifer Bauwens, Ph.D., director of the Center for Family Studies at the Family Research Council (FRC), is not surprised. When it comes to the transgender procedures, she says that is the norm.

"This is what we're hearing over and over again, is a fast-track onto whether it be puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, or surgical procedures," she accounts.

In some cases, an ultimatum is given.

"There is usually this line that says you are either going to transition, or you are going to commit suicide," Bauwens reports. "That is probably the number-one thing we hear over and over again."

Some states have moved to ban the gender manipulation of minors. Others are leaning in that direction. Still, lawsuits are expected, and those cases could play out for months or years without a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the matter.