'De-banked' conservatives demand answers

'De-banked' conservatives demand answers

'De-banked' conservatives demand answers

More than a dozen states are telling the Bank of America to come clean with customers and commit to equal treatment.


In a letter sent Monday to Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan, 15 state attorneys general, led by Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach (R), called on the head of the megabank to address and curb what critics call its disturbing pattern of discrimination and politicized de-banking.

The letter also calls upon Bank of America to participate in the survey portion of Alliance Defending Freedom's (ADF) Viewpoint Diversity Score Business Index.

"No one should be losing access to their bank accounts or be denied a loan or their credit card just because of their political and religious beliefs," contends Michael Ross, legal counsel for ADF's Corporate Engagement Team.

Ross, Michael (ADF) Ross

He says they have noticed a disturbing pattern and practice by banks like Bank of America of denying service to religious, conservative groups with mainstream views. One example of this is a situation involving Indigenous Advance, a ministry based in Memphis, Tennessee that serves widows, orphans, and at-risk youth in Uganda.

In 2023, after banking with the Bank of America for over eight years, the ministry was told it was offering a business the bank had chosen not to service. A similar notice was issued regarding Indigenous Advance's credit account, which the ministry was told was intolerably risky. It was given 30 days to close its accounts.

"The head of the ministry asked and asked for an explanation," Ross reports. "He got nothing. He got stonewalled."

Todd Rokita (R-Indiana) is one of the attorneys general involved in this effort. He and Timothy Two Project International founder Steve Curtis recently shared a similar experience with "Fox & Friends First."

Ross says ADF is "very thankful" for the attorneys general for drawing attention to this issue.

"Shareholders are calling for transparency around these types of policies and practices as well," he notes. "Bank of America needs to be held accountable for what it's doing and provide some answers."