AFA getting to the core of Apple's content curation

AFA getting to the core of Apple's content curation

AFA getting to the core of Apple's content curation

The American Family Association is going on the offense against the multinational technology company.

Wildmon, Walker (AFA VP operations) Wildmon

The Mississippi-based Christian ministry, known for its activism, has had enough of Apple's bias.

"They've been putting their thumb on the scale in their app store, taking off certain apps that they don't like for various reasons, and it's all been very subjective," says AFA Vice President Walker Wildmon.

"Instead of just complaining about these corporations, it's time to do something about it of meaningful significance," he recently declared on his radio program.

Jerry Bowyer of Bowyer Research is partnering with AFA on this effort by working on a shareholder ballot proposal that will ask Apple to be transparent and clear about how it makes its decisions.

Bowyer, Jerry (Meeting of the Minds) Bowyer

"They took down a Bible app and a Qur'an app, so we're not just pleading special case for the Christians," Bowyer explains. "It's a plea for religious liberty in general. Apple's argument is 'the Chinese government told us to do it,' but you don't have to do everything the Chinese government tells you to do."

He points out it was not that long ago that the American government met resistance for wanting Apple to unlock the iPhone of a terrorist.

"They're kind of selective about when they want to follow the law or not," Bowyer observes. "There's nothing that says Apple has to listen to the tyrannical government of China."

"Even if you bought that argument, China didn't force them to take down the app for the Manhattan Declaration," the researcher continues. "That was here in America, and it was basically Christians who believe in the traditional Christian doctrine of marriage and in the sanctity of life and in religious liberty."

AFA, through Bowyer, also plans to ask Apple if it has ever deplatformed anyone on the Left, or if conservatives are the only ones who have ever crossed the line.

Editor's Note: The American Family Association is the parent organization of the American Family News Network, which operates AFN.net.