Criminals, predators do as expected

Criminals, predators do as expected

Criminals, predators do as expected

AFA has five additional reasons why families should continue boycotting Target stores.

Seven years ago, the American Family Association (AFA) warned that the retailer's new bathroom policy was a threat to women and children. Time has unfortunately proven the pro-family organization right.

Wildmon, Walker (AFA VP operations) Wildmon

"Back in 2016, they announced that they're going to let men go in women's bathrooms in the name of equality and inclusiveness, but really, that's not equal or inclusive at all; it's a very real threat to women and children," argues AFA Vice President Walker Wildmon. "We've highlighted examples of criminals, of predators utilizing Target's policy to prey on women and children."

In a new Action Alert, AFA advises people to "consider these most recent and alarming news headlines:"

Wildmon says AFA is reminding the public why they should not shop at a Target store.

"We're continuing to build on our petition," he notes. "We've got over 1.5 million families that have said, 'We're not shopping at Target'. So, we're collecting those signatures and adding those to the list that will send a message to Target."

For those who have signed the petition, Wildmon recommends sharing the renewed Action Alert with relatives, friends, and church members.

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