Left's latest political tool exposed

Left's latest political tool exposed

Left's latest political tool exposed

Heritage Action has launched a campaign against an attempt to use businesses and financial institutions to advance progressive ideology in American society.

Financial institutions are among the organizations utilizing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies to ask questions about whether companies are environmentally friendly enough, whether their support for abortion on demand is strong enough, or whether their boards promote woke racial equity.

According to Carson Steelman of Heritage Action, the politically active arm of The Heritage Foundation, it is not about delivering wins for American consumers or creating the best workplaces for employees.

"They're primarily focused on delivering big wins to the left's political agenda," she tells AFN.

So Heritage Action has launched a website called ESGhurts.com to help people better understand the policies.

Steelman, Carson (Heritage Action) Steelman

"We have an ad that explains what ESG is in about 60 seconds, and it explains and shows a terrifying reality for what these policies can turn into for small business owners," Steelman relays. "If you don't have a good enough ESG score, what this can mean is that your business might not be able to qualify for loans, or down the road, you might not be able to open an account at all."

As everyone stands to be hurt by ESG standards, she also urges people to visit the website to learn what they can do to combat the situation.