Look down, Mr. President – the energy solution is under your feet

Look down, Mr. President – the energy solution is under your feet

Look down, Mr. President – the energy solution is under your feet

Industry groups want President Joe Biden and the members of his Cabinet to visit America's major oil and gas facilities – instead of looking to foreign governments for energy solutions.


Along with 27 other energy associations, the American Petroleum Institute has once again invited Biden and representatives of his administration to tour energy sites – from New Mexico to North Dakota, from Pennsylvania to Louisiana – that API says comprise reliable energy sources "here at home." That renewed invitation came in response to Biden's current visit to the Middle East where he is reportedly turning to foreign governments for more energy supply.

"We're in a difficult moment for consumers in the United States and across the world," said Mike Sommers, president and CEO of the American Petroleum Institute during a Thursday press call. "Inflation is the highest it's been in 40 years. Fuel prices have soared. Putin's brutal aggression has united the West against his regime and the energy he once sold to Europe."

Sommers, Mike (API) Sommers

He then added: "As demand continues to outstrip supply, there is a solution beneath our feet."

Sommers went on to explain that natural gas and oil are the foundation of America's economy and support more than 11 million U.S. jobs and make the modern world possible. He implied the Biden administration doesn't seem to recognize that fact.

"Instead of supporting American energy leadership and encouraging investment in American energy production, President Biden is meeting with Saudi officials to reportedly ask OPEC to increase production," he stated.

The White House has stated for months that it is open to oil and gas production and has gone so far as to describe how well the domestic industry has done during Biden's time in office.

"The United States produced more oil under the first year of this administration than it did under the first two years of the prior administration, and is on track to set new records next year," touts a WhiteHouse.gov press release from June 22, 2022. "At the same time, the President understands that our efforts to increase energy production in the near-term must be coupled with medium- and long-term efforts to transition our economy away from fossil fuels produced by autocrats and to clean energy."

Sommers says oil and natural gas will be needed for decades to come – and the real question, he adds, is where will consumers turn to meet rising energy demand.