SBA budget has 'green' tint, but little for small businesses

SBA budget has 'green' tint, but little for small businesses

SBA budget has 'green' tint, but little for small businesses

The Small Business Administration is being criticized for appearing to be more focused on climate issues than inflation.

At issue is SBA's 2023 budget proposal, which involves funding for climate matters while not acknowledging rising consumer prices that are impacting small businesses. Elaine Parker of Job Creators Network says the SBA should be more concerned.

"We do a poll of small business owners every month – 500 small business owners nationally – trying to gauge where they are on issues and how they're feeling about their own economic situation as well as the overall economy," Parker explains. "Consistently, every single month our poll shows that inflation is the first or the second issue for small business owners."

In fact, 67% of business owners told Job Creators Network the Biden administration is not doing enough to tackle inflation or supply issues.

Parker, Elaine (Job Creators Network Foundation) Parker

"So, to see the budget come out from the SBA … that is focused clearly on climate change and all the leftwing priorities of this administration and not dealing with anything having to deal with inflation – that says it all about how this administration prioritizes small business," says Parker. "They don't."

Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) made similar comments to Free Beacon. "The president and his SBA administrator are more focused on appeasing climate activists than helping Americans on Main Street," the senator told the Free Beacon. "They need to get a clue."

American Family News is seeking comment from the SBA.