Beijing's butchers can rely on Visa to count swipes, ignore atrocities

Beijing's butchers can rely on Visa to count swipes, ignore atrocities

Beijing's butchers can rely on Visa to count swipes, ignore atrocities

When credit card giant Visa, Inc. was confronted about its sponsorship of the Olympic games in Beijing, an activist says the corporation cowered from answering his question about human rights abuses.

Justin Danhof, of the National Center for Public Policy Research, used a recent shareholders meeting to press Visa’s executives over why the corporation is spending millions as a sponsor of the upcoming games that have been nicknamed the “Genocide Olympics” for China’s long and documented record of human rights abuses.


A Visa executive once called the Olympic games a “marketer’s dream” for the global audience they pull in, and the corporation is a considered a “top-tier” sponsor alongside other household names such as Coca-Cola.

Visa has also been the exclusive payment service for the Olympic Games dating back to the 1980s.

With that history of sponsorship, and tens of millions of dollars at stake, Danhof went to the Visa shareholders meeting to see if his submitted question --- about China’s torture and imprisonment of the Uyghurs --- would be answered in front of the live audience.

“They refused to take the question,” Danhof tells American Family News.

Danhof, Justin (Nat'l Ctr for Public Policy Research) Danhof

While he’s not surprised Visa ran from the question, Danhof says the public deserves to know the corporation’s hypocrisy runs deep. The same company that is pouring sponsorship money into a Communist nation, where the people are not free, Danhof says, supported the Black Lives Matter movement and pledged to spend millions on hiring and promoting more minorities.

American Family News found a glowing description of Visa’s pledge to fight “systemic racism” at the globalist World Economic Forum, where the company pledged $10 million to establish a college scholarship fund for black students, among other promises.

"So, they're very, very keen on moralizing to the United States of America,” Danhof says, “while at the same time saying nothing --- and I mean nothing --- about the human rights abuses in China."