Project 21 slams Biden over black unemployment

Project 21 slams Biden over black unemployment

Project 21 slams Biden over black unemployment

Employment for black Americans has plummeted under the Biden administration and a conservative black group says Joe Biden is to blame for the failure.

Dept. of Labor figures show black unemployment bumped up slightly in December, less than one percent overall, but a closer look at those figures shows unemployment is 6.2% for black women, which is twice that of white women. The unemployment figure for black men is more than twice that of their white counterparts.

The federal government announced last week that 199,000 jobs were created despite a prediction of 400,000. 

What is also concerning Project 21 Black Leadership Network is a labor force participation that is just under 62% among all Americans.   

Donna Jackson of Project 21 says those failures are not what Joe Biden campaigned on.

“Our biggest concern is how he's robbing the African-American community of their dignity,” she tells American Family News. “There's a certain pride that you have when you are able to accomplish things, and that's through the incentive to work."

Jackson and Project 21 are calling for Congress to end the financial incentives that are causing more Americans, black and white, to stay home rather than get up everyday and go to a job.

“They increased the cost of energy so that going to work costs more than actually staying home,” she says, referring to current gas prices. “And they've taken away the incentive, in terms of credit tied to working, and they've actually created a welfare state."