Congressman suspects Biden slow-walking OSHA and for good reason

Congressman suspects Biden slow-walking OSHA and for good reason

President Joe Biden announces at a Sept. 9 White House address that he is will force private businesses with 100-plus employees to force their employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Non-complying businesses are now watching to see if OSHA will take action against them. 

Congressman suspects Biden slow-walking OSHA and for good reason

President Biden shocked the American public three weeks ago with his edict that 80 million nonvaccinated employees must get the COVID-19 vaccine, and their employer must make it happen, but the days are ticking by for the administration to officially cross that legal line that threatens the livelihood of millions.

“It’s ridiculous,” U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky), summarizing the President’s mandate, told the “Washington Watch” radio program this week.

“Joe Biden knows he can't constitutionally or legally force people to take a needle and chemicals into their bodies,” Massie said. "And so he thinks if he inserts the Department of Labor and your employer, between him and you, that that somehow makes it legal or constitutional. That is not the case."

Biden announced Sept. 9 that OSHA, the federal agency that enforces workplace safety under the Department of Labor, would enforce the President’s unconstitutional policy.

OSHA has been silent so far, however, a fact that didn’t go unnoticed this week by White House reporters who pushed Press Secretary Jen Psaki to update millions of businesses that are waiting to see what is coming.

“We never gave an exact timeline,” Psaki told a reporter. “Maybe we should have been more specific at the time.”

She went on to state that OSHA is working on carrying out Biden’s mandate with a rule that will be announced in “coming weeks.”

In the radio interview, Massie suggested that threatening businesses with OSHA’s authority could be a “bit of a bluff” by the Biden administration because it pushes businesses to take action on their own or risk being caught “flat-footed” if OSHA takes action.

There is also a legal issue at work, too, Massie told show host Tony Perkins, because right now there is no federal regulation to fight in court so long as OSHA has yet to take action.

“The Department of Labor hasn’t written rules yet,” the congressman explained, “and so nobody has standing to get an injunction.”

Hamilton, Abraham (AFA attorney) Hamilton

On the issue of lawsuits over Biden’s mandate, attorney Abraham Hamilton III told the “Today’s Issues” radio program this week that attorneys are waiting for sue on behalf of businesses.

“There is no authority for this,” Hamilton told the program, "and so the moment the details of this so-called mandate are issued, you can expect an onslaught of litigation.”

Hamilton, a former district attorney, is legal counsel at the Mississippi-based American Family Association, a non-profit ministry that employs more than 100 full-time employees and thus falls under Biden’s mandate.

“There is not a shred of authority in the United States Constitution, nor in any jurisprudential source,” he told the AFR program, “that would afford the executive branch of the federal government the ability to force private employers to compel their workers to inject their bodies without their consent.”

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