If your workers aren't woke enough …

If your workers aren't woke enough …

If your workers aren't woke enough …

An advocate for America's liberties says CVS is teaching its employees the "skill" of tattling on their conservative co-workers.

Justin Danhof of the National Center for Public Policy Research's Free Enterprise Project tells American Family News that as part of a nearly $600 million "commitment to address racial inequality," CVS Health is holding a "conscious inclusion workshop" -- a four-week-long program that aims to teach employees how to hold each other "accountable." Workers have been told by David Casey of workforce strategies and chief diversity officer to take "swift action against non-inclusive behaviors."

In an email, Casey outlines different "skills" employees will build during the workshop's fourth week, including, "Identify unconscious bias in your day-to-day interactions and experiences," "[d]emonstrate bravery by speaking up and having difficult conversations when observing non-inclusive behaviors," and "[c]ommit to holding yourself and your colleagues accountable to consistently embrace diversity of all kinds."

Danhof, Justin (Nat'l Ctr for Public Policy Research) Danhof

"This actually goes beyond tattling, because they're supposed to actually take direct action against their own co-workers for ill-defined - quote - 'non-inclusive behaviors,'" Danhof responds. "We're going to have a situation where employees are going to be able to hold other employees – quote -  'accountable' if they're not taking woke enough actions."

He recommends that concerned customers talk to the managers of their local stores.

"Call customer relations, the main corporate line, email them, and let them know that this is not the type of company that you wish to engage in, that you wish to spend your money with," Danhof also suggests. "If you're an investor, reach out and just ask, 'What's the return on investment … for shoving $600 million worth of nonsense down your employees' throats,' and see what they say."

The information about CVS was first reported by Fox Business, citing an internal email. A CVS Health employee, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told FOX Business they took offense at the implications behind the training. Nevertheless, the company's stated goal is 100% employee participation in the program.