Maybe third time's a charm?

Maybe third time's a charm?

Maybe third time's a charm?

Kansas women are wondering if their governor will fulfill a campaign promise and sign a bill to protect their sports from men who claim to be women.

Both houses of the state legislature have approved and sent SB 208, a bill creating fairness in women's sports by requiring that "female student athletic teams only include members who are biologically female," to Governor Laura Kelly (D).

"The Kansas Legislature has sent this bill to Gov. Laura Kelly's desk twice already, and she has vetoed it twice," reports Brittany Jones of Kansas Family Voice. "However, this time the legislature, with a veto-proof majority, they passed the bill. So even if the governor does veto this bill for the third time, the House and the Senate stand ready to override that veto."

In Jones' opinion, the governor's reasons for the vetoes – including that its approval would hurt the state economy – were pathetic.

Jones, Brittany (Kansas Family Voice) Jones

"In this past election cycle, she came back and she said, 'Oh, well, of course men shouldn't play against girls,' but yet you've vetoed the bill twice? It doesn't make a lot of sense, but it's because we know she's beholden to the LGBTQ agenda and that she will fight with them every time over the majority of women in Kansas," the director of policy and engagement adds.

Presented with the bill for the third time, Gov. Kelly could either veto it, sign it, or not sign it, and it would become law within 10 days.