Ball back in Biden's court after groups organize to defend Title IX

Ball back in Biden's court after groups organize to defend Title IX

Numerous groups have belatedly organized to defend women-only sports and to fight the transgender-defending Biden administration, which invited "Jeopardy!" winner "Amy" Schneider to the White House to celebrate Transgender Day of Visibility. 

Ball back in Biden's court after groups organize to defend Title IX

The radical LGBT activists enjoyed a huge head start when they demanded men be allowed to participate in women-only sports, but the opposition is catching up, organizing, and fighting back.


Fifteen state attorneys general, nine law firms, and a host of other organizations have organized into a coalition that now numbers 88 groups or individuals. Their target is the transgender-affirming Biden administration which wants to upend the landmark Title IX regulation to include biological men who identify as women. 

“Title IX has become politicized, and also weaponized, over the years,” says Edward Bartlett of SAVE, one of the many groups fighting the Biden administration’s radical plans.

Title IX, which dates back to a 1972 education bill, has been heralded by feminists for demanding equality for females in a public school setting. One key focus has always been in college sports programs that historically favored men’s sports in college scholarships and university budgets.  

“So now the Biden administration says,” Bartlett points out, “they want to revamp the definition of sex to include gender identity.”

Oversight of Title IX falls under the U.S. Department of Education, in particular its Office for Civil Rights, which means a federal agency that has protected women from discrimination for a half-century is being forced to ignore women and defend male athletes such as University of Pennsylvania swimmer Will Thomas (pictured above). 

AFN has reported some female swimmers have bravely spoken out against Thomas, risking their scholarships and accusations of “transphobia,” after the 6-foot-plus college senior set unbeatable NCAA records that were previously set by female athletes.

Some of their parents have spoke out, too, especially after the NCAA failed to address the issue, but all of them who speak out have risked a vicious backlash for doing so. 

According to Bartlett, now some swimming coaches have stepped forward, too.

“This association of swimming coaches,” he tells AFN, “basically said, We've had enough of this nonsense. It's not fair to biological females to be competing against transgenders. So, they just said no, we are not in agreement with this ideology.”

One example of the fight female swimmers face is the mob-like attack against Martina Navratilova, the Grand Slam tennis great. The same female athlete who is considered a pioneering LGBT figure after coming out as a lesbian witnessed the woke mob turn on her when she spoke up on behalf of female athletes. 

In the eyes of the Biden administration, however, the male athlete who identifies as a female deserves Title IX protection rather than the female athlete he robs of a scholarship or a first-place finish.