Poll: Most predict doomed planet but won't pony up $5 to stop it

Poll: Most predict doomed planet but won't pony up $5 to stop it

Poll: Most predict doomed planet but won't pony up $5 to stop it

A new poll suggests a majority of Americans are concerned about a “deteriorating climate” and want the United Nations to save us, but a skeptic of man-made climate change calls that hysteria.

"First of all, there is no deteriorating climate," insists Marc Morano of Climate Depot.

Morano does not deny the planet goes through phases of heating and cooling but he documents and counters environmental activism surrounding climate change and the science that insists mankind has doomed the planet through fossil fuels.

According to the poll, which surveyed 5,468 adults, 75% said climate change is happening. Of those respondents, 54% said the warming is caused by mankind.

Elsewhere in the poll, 10% said the planet is not warming and 15% said they are unsure.

The poll was done by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago.

A story by The Associated Press about the poll and what the biased wire service calls "climate-wrecking pollution" can be read here.

Poll timed with world politics

"The key thing about this poll (is) 52% of the poll respondents said they would support a dollar-a-month carbon fee on their energy bill to fight climate change,” Morano says. “But support dwindled as the fee increases.”

The AP story does, in fact, state that support "dwindles" among respondents as the monthly fee climbs but that drop in support is not cited in the biased story.

That lack of support deserves to be pointed out, Morano says, since most respondents say they are concerned about the planet but admit they refuse to take action to stop it.

“One dollar a month,” he says, “and that’s the only way they could get a bare majority of their biased, loaded poll.”

The poll coincides with an upcoming UN Climate Change Conference set for October 31– November 12 in Glasgow, Scotland.  In fact, the political angle is impossible to miss since the AP story tells readers President Biden is heading to a "vital U.N. climate summit" with 55% of Americans supporting "clean energy" over coal and natural gas.

Morano, Marc (Climate Depot) Morano

Back home, "coal-state" Sen. Joe Manchin is holding up a plan to fight climate change in Congress, the story says.

Droughts, hurricanes, and tornadoes are routinely blamed on climate change but Morano insists United Nations reports admit in their own data that Earth witnessed what he calls “much, much worse” catastrophic natural weather in centuries past than we are witnessing today.

Even the wildfires that have burned through California are routinely blamed on climate change, and in particular dry, warm autumn weather.

Skeptics who point to documented accidents and arson cases in California, and poor land management by the federal government, are accused of “climate denialism" in the Scientific American article.

Skeptics in attendance

Interestingly, Morano himself is among several skeptics who are planning to attend the UN conference in Scotland.

"I will be arriving in Scotland on Sunday morning," he tells AFN. "I think Biden is speaking Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, but I will be speaking at the summit – and I also will be doing a whole host of other side shows working with the Heartland Institute."

His message?

"The United Nations climate summits are nothing but blah-blah-blah," he states. "Nothing comes out of this but hot air – and CO2 emissions continue to rise after every UN climate summit."

One of the big knocks against climate conferences is the fact that attendees will fly to wherever the talks are held. That's a big deal because airplanes are giant emitters – and emissions are what Biden and others point to as the reason for warmer temperatures and bigger, more powerful natural disasters.

"These UN summits typically use a lot of electricity, and they'll have diesel generators running and heaters going," Morano adds. "One of the things they've added are what I would call a form of 'climate lockdown' where they're now talking about limiting short-haul flights, limiting car travel, and making cars as expensive as possible … while at the same time they have no problems flying on their private jets, sailing yachts, etc."