Violence ensues on abortuary's opening day

Violence ensues on abortuary's opening day

Violence ensues on abortuary's opening day

A pro-lifer says a new abortion clinic is already negatively impacting his community.

It took a decade for pro-life groups to convince Illinois to shut down an infamous abortion clinic in Rockford. Once it did, the area was abortion-free -- until last month, when RFD Family Planning opened shop.

Kevin Rilott of the Rockford Family Initiative tells AFN it did not take long for the facility to bring violence to the residential neighborhood. On December 27, the first day of the facility's operation, a woman pulled over to assault the pro-lifers who were on a nearby sidewalk.

"She started yelling, 'There are too many children in the world,'" Rilott relays. "She picked up a heavy thermos filled with coffee, threw it at a pro-lifer and hit him with it, and then she saw he was filming it. She went up and tried to attack and then knocked the camera out of his hand."

She then got back in her car and sped away.

Rockford Police were called, and they soon tracked down the aggressor, identified as Nataly Rivera. She was arrested and has since been charged with battery.

The pro-lifer points out that after a months-long fight, the Rockford Zoning Board of Appeals allowed the abortion clinic to open under a special use permit that has allowed the property to operate as a medical office for decades. He finds it interesting that the city assured them that the abortuary would not disrupt the area.

"This abortion clinic not only is going to be taking the lives of children in the womb, but it's going to change this residential neighborhood forever into a place that is known for ending the lives of children in the womb."

Live Action reports that abortionist Dennis Christensen came out of retirement after the overturn of Roe v. Wade to purchase the residential property, where he will offer chemical abortions.

Rilott asserts that pro-lifers will not be deterred from manning the sidewalk, where they will contin praying for and helping abortion-minded pregnant women.