Abortion's helping abusers create more victims

Abortion's helping abusers create more victims

Abortion's helping abusers create more victims

A pro-lifer in Kansas says her state is not fully protecting minors.

Kansas law requires that all sex abuse cases, including those dealt with by child termination centers, be reported. However, the Kansas Department of Children and Families (DCF) has not released the data for 12 years – not even to lawmakers, though it is required by law.

"It has become obvious that government agencies tasked with protecting Kansas children have failed to meet simple reporting requirements of the law, which only increases young girls' risk for abuse and their risk for being forced into abortions," submits Danielle Underwood of Kansans for Life.

An open records request from the Topeka Capital-Journal over the summer revealed that in the past three years, child sex abuse reports have increased, without the data being sent to lawmakers as required by a 2011 mandate. Within just the last fiscal year, there have been 56 reports of child sex abuse from abortionists. Furthermore, records were only available from 2017 through 2022; reports were not created at all for the years prior.

There is no indication so far as to why the information was not released, but some lawmakers want to find out.

"No one is above the law, and certainly not the government itself," Underwood asserts. "The legislature needs to look at policies that ensure accountability and adherence to the law. It is abundantly clear who this failure to report benefits."

Underwood, Danielle (Kansans for Life) Underwood

Child molesters who want to get rid of the evidence of their crimes are among the benefactors, as are traffickers. As Live Action points out, "The abortion industry has long been known to look the other way when abusers bring their victims for abortions."

In fact, Live Action's Aiding Abusers investigation reveals that numerous real-life predators have been aided by the abortion industry, with Planned Parenthood — the nation's largest abortion chain — having gone so far as to encourage abusers to pose as guardians and lie about their victims' ages.

According to the account of one survivor who was forced to undergo multiple abortions, Planned Parenthood was chosen "because they didn't ask any questions."

Underwood reiterates that abortion clinics neglecting to report when abusers bring children into their facilities helps lines their own pockets and helps criminals get away with their crimes; it does nothing to protect the children.