America's 'abortion capital' doesn't have to be

America's 'abortion capital' doesn't have to be

America's 'abortion capital' doesn't have to be

A spokesperson for an organization that envisions a nation where God is honored and life is cherished says whether New Mexico changes on the abortion issue depends on the pro-life community.

New Mexico, where abortion is legal through all nine months of pregnancy, has been referred to as the late-term abortion capital of the United States. Jodi Hendricks of the Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico tells AFN the abortion clinics there are not even regulated, but that is still too restrictive for Governor Michelle Grisham (D).

Hendricks, Jodi (Family Policy Alliance) Hendricks

"She has signed an order that protects the abortion industry itself so that they can operate basically without accountability," Hendricks relays. "She has put in place protections for anyone who comes to New Mexico seeking abortion, and she has put protections on individual or specific providers of this service."

She submits that Gov. Grisham, who is up for re-election, is using her executive order to simply shore up her base. That, adds Hendricks, demands a response from the pro-life community.

"The election has to be where the pro-life community can really come out in force and speak up, let their voice be heard so that we can get people in Santa Fe that are willing to stand for life, are willing to fight for policy that will protect life at any stage," she declares.

Meanwhile, infamous abortion clinic owner Diane Derzis announced last week that she was shutting down her child termination center in Mississippi and moving it to Las Cruces, New Mexico, where she can continue to profit off of ending the lives of preborn children.