NJ's new abortion expansions are every trafficker's dream

NJ's new abortion expansions are every trafficker's dream

NJ's new abortion expansions are every trafficker's dream

With New Jersey positioning itself to become an abortion mecca, a conservative activist is concerned about what that will mean for trafficked women.

As reported by AFN last week, New Mexico is on track to be "ground zero" in the national abortion debate, with abortuary operators in two states – Texas and Mississippi – considering moving their clinics to the Land of Enchantment.

But though New Jersey is already one of the most pro-abortion states in the nation, both houses of the state legislature have approved an act to expand protections for visitors who come to the Garden State to terminate their child or to flee there from a state with abortion restrictions.

"We won't know if these children or women who come from out of state are pregnant because they are sex slaves, they're human trafficked," notes Greg Quinlan of The Center for Garden State Families.

He warns that his state will be further exploiting trafficked women by killing their unborn baby.

Quinlan, Gregory (The Center for Garden State Families) Quinlan

"Also included in this is a clause … that actually says that we will be able to use sterilization as a method of birth control," Quinlan continues. "What better way for a human trafficker to take care of the recurring pregnancy problem of his slave than to sterilize his property?"

The bill also protects abortionists who violate laws pro-life states' laws, which would not be enforceable in New Jersey.

Governor Phil Murphy (D) in recent weeks has written letters to executives of companies headquartered in states where abortion is restricted or prohibited, inviting them to move to New Jersey, where abortion is available up to and including birth.