Babies and Hyde Amendment among victims of Biden's spending plan

Babies and Hyde Amendment among victims of Biden's spending plan

Babies and Hyde Amendment among victims of Biden's spending plan

A national pro-life group is predicting a "dramatic expansion" of abortion if the Senate passes President Biden's "Build Back Better" reconciliation bill – and that hundreds of thousands of children in America will pay the ultimate price.

On Friday, the House passed the nearly $1.7 trillion bill nearly along party lines (220-213). One House Republican did not cast a vote (Cong. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania); and one House Democrat (Cong. Jared Golden of Maine) voted against the measure. It now goes to the Senate, where passage is anything but certain.

The National Right to Life Committee has condemned the Biden spending package, calling it an "abortion-expanding tax and spend" bill. NRLC president Carol Tobias points out the 2010 Obamacare law set up insurance exchanges that cover abortion on demand.

Tobias, Carol (NRLC) Tobias

"The bill that the House of Representatives passed [last week] expands that program [and] forces abortion funding on some of the states that have refused to allow it in their own state exchanges – and all of this is creating new streams of funding, new programs that are not protected by the current Hyde Amendment," she explains.

That amendment would forbid use of federal funds for abortion – but it's not part of Biden's package on social spending. Instead, the bill is designed for taxpayers to foot the bill for abortion. But Tobias says children in the womb pay the ultimate price.

"[If it does pass in the Senate] we are going to see an unimaginable jump in abortions," she laments. "I truly believe that people will be able to get an abortion much easier – it will be paid for [and] it truly … will become just another method of birth control with taxpayers paying to kill the babies."

NRLC notes that the Hyde Amendment – which must be renewed annually by Congress – has enjoyed 45 years of bipartisan support and saved an estimated 2.4 million babies. Tobias is calling on voters to contact their two U.S. senators, asking them to at least reinstate Hyde in legislation so they are not financially complicit in terminating preborn children.