Governor won't let state support life

Governor won't let state support life

Governor won't let state support life

A Michigan pro-lifer says the state's Democratic governor has gone all out for abortion.

By signing the $70 billion state budget passed by the Michigan Legislature, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer displayed that she is sold out for abortion. Anna Visser of Right to Life of Michigan tells American Family News Whitmer line-item vetoed more than $16 million in funds set aside for pro-life causes, including $1 million meant to help pregnant women in higher education be able to afford birthing her child and continue in school.

"Her veto to the Pregnant and Parenting Student Services Act, she actually supported that act when she was a state representative," Visser recalls. "So once she became governor, she just decided she wasn't going to support it anymore."

That veto, the pro-lifer adds, could result in some women making an appointment at a nearby abortion clinics.

"She also vetoed $10 million that was going to go towards adoption advertising and vetoed $1.5 million that was going to go to pregnancy resource centers," Visser continues.

So Gov. Whitmer has reduced the resources available for women and girls wanting to carry their babies to term.

"I think that she just saw that they were going against abortion, that they were promoting life and decided that she didn't want to support that," Visser submits.

If those services are restored, the pro-lifer says it will be because Michigan residents rise up and provide the needed funds.