Google, Facebook suppressing women's choice

Google, Facebook suppressing women's choice

Google, Facebook suppressing women's choice

Women are finding limited access to information on the fact that a chemical abortion can be reversed if the mother acts in time.

Heartbeat International's Abortion Pill Reversal division has found that Google has barred them from running their ads for women who regret taking the first pill in the chemical abortion regimen. The pro-life organization cannot advertise how to reverse the effects, and they are also not allowed to refer women to knowledgeable doctors.

Trudden, Andrea (Heartbeat International) Trudden

"From what we can tell at this point is they introduced a new regulation or restriction that basically they refer to as unreliable claims," details Andrea Trudden of Heartbeat International. "Google has pulled anything regarding abortion pill reversal based on their use of the term 'unreliable claim' in their new policy."

The pro-lifer goes on to explain that Google's information comes from the Center for Countering Digital Hate.

"There is a group that put out basically a slanderous report, and in it all they do is talk about the fact that they don't agree with abortion pill reversal, and therefore it needs to be taken off of Google and Facebook," says Trudden. "That's ridiculous because by doing that, all they're doing is suppressing women's choice and keeping them from finding the services that they are looking for."

Heartbeat International's legal team is taking steps to work out the situation.