States, cities, counties doing for life what D.C. won't

States, cities, counties doing for life what D.C. won't

More and more government bodies are officially saying no to abortion.

Though getting pro-life bills passed in Washington may be next to impossible, state legislatures have passed a record 90 bills so far this year. And local governments are now passing ordinances declaring themselves Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn.

"The campaign of the cities passing enforceable ordinances outlawing abortion is going great," shares Mark Lee Dickson, head of Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn. "Currently we're at a total of 32 cities in the United States. 29 of those cities are in Texas, two are in Nebraska, and one is in Ohio."

Dickson, Mark Lee (Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn) Dickson

The ordinances ban abortion and abortion clinics from city limits, and some counties are also working to stop abortion providers from opening up shop just outside those cities.

"We do have interest in a number of counties throughout the United States," says Dickson. "So we are working with some county governments right now to see about the possibility of passing an ordinance which actually outlaws abortion within the unincorporated parts of their county."

Most recently a Washington County Quorum Court in Arkansas passed a resolution to that effect. It is not legally binding, but it does tell abortionists they are strongly encouraged to locate elsewhere.