Polls: Biden's lost the bulk of his voters

Polls: Biden's lost the bulk of his voters

Polls: Biden's lost the bulk of his voters

Young Americans will make up a sizeable chunk of voters in next year's presidential election, and many of them don't plan to vote for Joe Biden.

Sydney Salatto, a college graduate in Florida, recently told Fox News that she would like to see Donald Trump get another four years in the White House.

"I want to see him finish the work that he started and make America great again," she said.

Spencer Hudson, a college student in Tennessee, told the news show that he will go with anyone but Joe Biden.

"It would be really hard to find somebody worse than Biden," he stated, also noting that the president is not relatable. "He was born in what – 1942? I was born in 2003. There's very little that we could talk about."

But not all young Americans feel the same way. Harry Sisson, for example, is a college student who has been making a name for himself by using social media to push Joe Biden.

"The choice for the 2024 presidential election is already clear," he tweeted earlier this month. "We have President Biden, who's a good man. He's passed historic policy, and he cares about the American people. In 2024, we're going to re-elect President Biden, and we're going to finish the job."

But the latest polls show that Sisson may have a difficult time getting people in his age range to agree with him.

A Washington Post/ABC News Poll conducted April 28–May 3 finds just 28% of voters aged 18-39 approve of President Biden's job performance. 60% disapprove, and 12% have no opinion. The poll has a margin of error of 3.5%.

According to Fox News, Gen Z and millennials will make up approximately 40% of voters in the 2024 election.