Bauer: U.S. military let down the troops

Bauer: U.S. military let down the troops

Bauer: U.S. military let down the troops

While most Americans are shocked and outraged at the sudden fall of Afghanistan after almost 20 years of war, an advocate for conservative values believes one group has more right to be angry than anyone else.

Gary Bauer of American Values points out that nearly 2,500 men and women have died in war in Afghanistan since October of 2001, and each one left behind a family who has mourned their loss ever since.

"My first thoughts over the weekend were being broken-hearted for all the families that gave their sons and daughters to the American military," Bauer begins. "Their sons and daughters went off to Afghanistan and Iraq, and many of them paid the ultimate price."

Many have compared this week's events with the end of the Vietnam War some 46 years ago – a defeat with which America has spent decades coming to terms. Now Bauer says the U.S. may be in for another reckoning, hopefully this time without the way some of the returning Vietnam veterans were treated.

Bauer, Gary (American Values) Bauer

"I believe with every ounce of my being that those patriots, those brave, young men and women, those brave families did what patriots have done in this country from Concord Bridge all the way through World War II up to Korea, Vietnam, and today," he tells American Family News.

Bauer says they deserved better from their command, who took their eyes off the ball to prosecute some woke war on reality.

"They were undermined by some leaders in the American military, I am sad to say, that seem more committed to fighting politically-correct wars … and indoctrinating our troops," the American Values founder observes.

He laments that America's warriors have been subjected to the kinds of left-leaning ideas that are pushed on students at most university campuses.