Biden endorses ending the Senate filibuster rule

Biden endorses ending the Senate filibuster rule

Biden endorses ending the Senate filibuster rule

ATLANTA — President Joe Biden says that he supports changing Senate rules in order to push through Democrat efforts to pass a bill which would give the federal government complete control over elections across the country.

Current rules require 60 votes to advance most legislation — a threshold that Senate Democrats can’t meet alone because they only have a 50-50 majority with Vice President Kamala Harris to break ties. Republicans unanimously oppose the voting rights measures.

Not all Democrats are on board with changing the filibuster rules. Conservative West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin threw cold water on the idea Tuesday, saying he believes any changes should be made with substantial Republican buy-in.

Republican Sen. Rick Scott of Florida and Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel spoke to reporters ahead of Biden's speech.

Scott, who is Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, says "the Democrat big lie is that any election reforms suggested by Republicans are intended to suppress voters from voting in a race. That's not true at all. He says "our goal is maximum participation and zero fraud. Not some fraud, we want zero fraud."

McDaniel, meanwhile, expressed confusion as to why Democrats would not support the proposed integrity laws, saying that initiatives such as voter ID laws were broadly popular with the American people.

As others have pointed out, McDaniel said that Biden's home state of Delaware has tighter restrictions on voting than Georgia.