Cohen in the hot seat as Trump lawyers go on the attack

Cohen in the hot seat as Trump lawyers go on the attack

Cohen in the hot seat as Trump lawyers go on the attack

NEW YORK — Lawyers for Donald Trump had their first chance on Tuesday to go on the attack against Michael Cohen, the prosecution's star witness in the so-called hush money case against the former president.

Defense attorneys sought to portray Cohen as motivated by vengeance on his former boss, confronting him on the witness stand with his own profane social media about Trump and wanting to see the former president in handcuffs.

Amid rapid-fire objections from prosecutors, Trump lawyer Blanche probed Cohen’s hyperfocus on Trump, suggesting he's attempted to parlay his insider knowledge into a reduced prison sentence and court supervision for his own crimes, and a new career making millions of dollars criticizing Trump.

Cohen was asked to listen through headphones to a snippet of his podcast. Blanche asked Cohen if he recalled one episode in which he said Trump “needs to wear handcuffs and to do the perp walk” and that “people will not be satisfied until this man is sitting inside the cell.”

"I don't recall saying that, but I wouldn’t put it past me,” Cohen testified.

At another point, Blanche asked, "Is it fair to say that you are motivated by fame?

“No sir, I don’t think that’s fair to say,” Cohen said, later adding, “I’m motivated by many things.”

Cohen will be the prosecution's last witness. Trump's defense will begin after Cohen, though it's not clear whether his lawyers will call any witnesses or if Trump will testify in his own defense.

Wednesday is a day off for the trial. Trump lawyers will continue their cross-examination of Cohen on Thursday.